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Toasted Happy Mallows are extra Happy Mallows!


Bring the family together, grab a skewer and create some of those oh so fun & nostalgic memories of toasting our delightful marshmallows. Whether it's on a camping trip, a family get together or just kicked back by yourself in front of the TV, it's going to be the most delicious melted Mallow Moment.


Our Raspberry and White Chocolate flavour is currently out of stock and therefore cannot be included. 

The Toasting Kit

£16.50 Regular Price
£13.20Sale Price
  • This gift box contains:

    2 x 120g boxes of Happy Mallows (You choose the flavours)


    1 x Reusable Gel Burner with a burn time of 2 hours that can be extinguished and reignited when necessary.


    4 x Wooden Skewers.

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