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Welcome to our World!


Here at Happy Mallows we pride ourselves on being a 100% family run business who just simply love all things squidgy and mallow-like!


We combine a mix of the highest standard mallow craftsmanship with a fun experience...because hey, whoever made the rule that 'gourmet' can't still be fun! Because of this Happy Mallows aren't your average marshmallows, as you can see, they all have their own personality and character creating a unique experience like no other for all marshmallow lovers; from the moment you make your purchase, to the moment they arrive upon clouds at your door...from their home to yours.

Our aim is to provide quite simply the most sumptuous and fun array of handmade, gourmet flavoured marshmallows, that will make marshmallows you’ve eaten in the past… a thing of the past.


We love and believe in our product so much and we hope you will love them as much as we do making them for you.

Mr Mallow

Hi, I'm Sam, the creator of Happy Mallows! My aim is to deliver you all with the most sumptuous array of gourmet mallows in our own fun, delightful & 'happy' way! If I'm not in my chef whites perfecting a new delightful recipe, then I've managed to escape for the day and joined my Mrs Mallow at one of our many

'HM' events!  

Mumma Mallow

Hi there, I'm Deb, I help out where needed and thoroughly enjoy my role as chief mallow maker. I enjoy using my creative brain to come up with the ideas and stories behind the mallows and am fortunate and thankful that I am able to spend my days working with my family.

Mrs Mallow

Hey there, my name is Sophie, I am the admin lady of this mallow world! If I don't have a pen and paper in my hands; I have a phone to my ear! Any customer queries you have then please call! I am also in charge of weddings and events and I strive to make them the best they can be! 

Mallow Babies

Hey, we're Daisy and Lily and we provide our owners with love and cuddles to reduce stress. Although we are not allowed in the kitchen we do love the smell of delicious mallows and always hope for a sneaky taster! Make sure to look out for us at events and we would be happy to oblige our happy mallowers with hugs and kisses!

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Tel: 07521922032

United Kingdom