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The Perfect Partner for your Happy Mallows.


Marvellously made with 52.8% Fairtrade cocoa which delivers a sublimely indulgent flavour that's rich but not too sweet, ready for the added sweetness from your melted mallow marriage of choice. 


A dash of skimmed milk powder is also added to the mix, creating a velvety, creamy mouthfeel that lingers after each sumptuous sip. This, combined with the addition of a melted marshmallow or two, creates an even more thicker, frothier and more indulgent hot chocolate experience.


Build your Happy Cocoa, sit on back and sip away to your Happy Place.

The Happy Cocoa

  • Fair & Ethically Sourced

    The Happy Cocoa chocolate powder is 100% Fairtrade certified, ensuring cocoa & sugar farmers are guaranteed a fair wage, decent working and living conditions and are supported to farm sustainably.


    Taste Profile

    Made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa and skimmed milk, this gorgeous drinking chocolate makes a rich and creamy drink, with a smooth and frothy mouth-feel. Neither too sweet nor too bitter. The perfect balance, ready for a Happy Mallow or two to be popped on top.


    Ingredients & Allergens

    Sugar, MILK Solids, Cocoa Powder (13.0%), Coconut Fat, Skimmed MILK Powder, Dried Glucose Syrup, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Cellulose Gum, E340ii, E452i), Flavourings, Salt, MILK Proteins, Emulsifiers (E471).

    (Please be aware that all E numbers are (GRAS) Generally Recognized As Safe to use by the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration in food products. We would not use them if there was any chance of them being harmful to humans.)


    Additional Information

    Free of hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVO's) and complies with School Foods Trust Guidelines.

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