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Discover all the Happy Mallows and find YOUR favourite!


Your chance is here to have a great feast upon the whole Happy Mallows bunch!

Perfect for those nostalgic Summer Barbecues, extra 'Happy' birthdays or some good old fashioned campfire toasting with your mallow loving buddies! You don't have to pick each of these nine delightful flavours, although they are all well worth a try, feel free to pick and choose your own, call it a mallow smorgasbord of sorts! This is one mallowlicious way to pull mallow minded friends together...

...or as one hell of a sweet self induldgent night in!


Please note, if you select our Raspberry & White Choc flavour and/or Sweetley Salted Caramel flavour then they will be sent in their retro HM packaging until their original packaging is restocked in a few months.

The Mallow Banquet

£32.00 Regular Price
£25.60Sale Price
  • See Individual Product Pages for more information on Allergens.


    Choose any 15 of our delightful mallows we currently have on offer! Christmas flavours not included due to limited stock. 

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